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Set the mood with structural
uplighting, custom monograms,
and intelligent lighting

Light Show Advantages

What Kind of Lighting Do You Want?

  • Ambience
  • A dazzling way to dim the house lights and set the right mood in the room.

  • Adds Energy
  • Create pizzazz on the dance floor and motivate your guests to get the party going.

  • Personality
  • An artistic way to express your personality.

Our packages are ideal for those that want to add excitement but don’t want to break their budget.

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Par Cans

Deluxe with Uplights Light fixtures are arranged according to individual room specifications. Fog machines are added at no additional charge upon approval of the bride, groom and banquet facility manager. All packages start with the Atomic Ambience package. Additional packages listed below:

Effect Lights

Effect Light Packages
  • Enhhance the Dance Floor
  • Dim the House Lights
  • Create High Energy
  • "Wow" Your Guests

We have exciting effect lighting packages for any event type or size.

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Uplighting at Liberty House
  • Add Color to the Room
  • Enhance Your Event Theme
  • Create a Memorable Event
  • Choose Any Colors You Want
  • Impress Your Guests

For optimal lighting effects, individual room assessments are conducted prior to the event.

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Pinspotting Cake at Liberty House
  • Direct Attention to Anything in the Room
  • Spotlight the Table Centerpieces
  • Spotlight the Cake