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Holiday Season Still Dominates for Engagements

Many grooms-to-be prefer to choose a holiday as the day to "pop the question." Based on our observations over the years, we estimated that just as many couples get engaged during Christmas as they do during Valentine's Day. Our results were based on when we receive calls for wedding bookings - mostly between January and March.

In conjunction to our observations, results from the Fairchild Bridal Infobank American Wedding Study estimated that most engagements take place during the December holiday season. The table to the right shows that December was the only month with a double-digit percentage. This is not so surprising December holds three favorite holidays for engagements - Chanukah, Christmas, and New Year's Eve.

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Location Spotlight: Spring Lake, NJ

Summer Weddings are Hot at the Jersey Shore

Bride and Groom pose for wedding portrait on the beach in Spring Lake, NJ.

If you've considered a destination wedding in the the Caribbean or some other beach setting but don’t want your guests to travel too far or spend a lot on expensive airfares, then a Jersey Shore Wedding may be a perfect alternative. You can still have a beachfront setting but without the hassle of traveling too far.

The July 4th Weekend may have been just a holiday to most, but for a few, it was the perfect weekend to have a wedding or to be part of one. The town of Spring Lake, NJ caught our attention as it hosted several weddings over the holiday weekend.

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