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Sweet 16's


Seven Basic Steps to Planning a Successful Sweet 16

Step 1. First decide whether to have a Sweet 16 instead of other options such as a destination Sweet 16,
or a night on the town. Weigh all of your options carefully. If you've made it to this website, it's likely you've made the decision to having a party.

Step 2. Select a theme. The theme could be as simple as picking a favorite color to focus your room decor around to selecting a style type such as Broadway, Paris, Roaring 20's, etc. See the section below on Popular Party Themes.

Step 3. Determine your budget. Very important. A budget will sway many decisions such as picking the location, the number of guests to invilte, the level of the decor to enhance the theme, the number of options to select for entertainment, etc.

Step 4. Select your venue, attire, room decor, photographer, videographer, DJ entertainment options. For your DJ selection, decide whether your budget has room for extras such as high end lighting, video screens, photo booth, or other exciting party packages.

Step 5 Decide on your formalities. Are you going to have a court where a selection of your closest friends or family members will be dressed in the same attire and be introduced before you? Are you going to have the candle lighting ceremony? If yes, do you want to read the names and say a few words about each person or group? Do you want to select the music for each candle that's lit? If so, we will provide you with some online forms where you can prepare all of your formalities from the web.

Step 6. Finalize everything with your venue and vendors. Make sure that everyone has the corect dates, times, locations, etc. Make sure that everyone knows every detail of the itinerary for the evening.

Step 7. Have fun! If you've planned it right, the number of issues at the event will be minimal and you'll be able to enjoy yourself. Don't forget to eat something!

Popular Party Themes

  • Broadway
  • Candyland
  • Hooray for Hollywood
  • Roaring 20's
  • Fabulous 50's
  • Psychedelic 60's
  • Studio 54 Seventies Discotheque




Sweet 16s




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